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Welcome to The French Connection!

Le paiement accepté n'est qu'un BTC! Pas BitcoinCash/BitcoinGold!

***Important: As of July 2022 v2 onion addresses are gone.
Our 'old' v2 address is accessible as long as tor network supports it.

*5/7/2023 - Extended transit times are reported due to current events in France. We are working as usual, but post and other services are not. Thank you for understanding.
*4/4/2023 - Checkout errors are fixed.
*15/3/2023 - Big coke restock, plenty available, welcome.

*1/12/2022 - *IMPORTANT* No shipping from NL from today, dead drops in NL are still possible for big qtys. Shipping from FR with tracking.
*18/10/2022 - MDMA is out of stock.
*19/6/2022 - Flake cocaine - new batch! Top quality Colombian.
*29/3/2022 - New products arrived - 3 kinds of high grade hydro weed, shipped from FR. Ready to ship!

*15/12/2021 - New MDMA added, shipping from France.
*10/12/2021 - New XTC is available! *OUT OF STOCK*
*2/12/2021 - IMPORTANT! Shipping from BE is closed from 1 December until further notice. Some products are unavailable until then, please be aware. We are working to provide quality services.

*27/12/2020 - Black tar back in stock!
*18/12/2020 - New products in stock - Organic DMT, 2 types of Crystal LSD (Californian and Canadian) with tracked shipping. Welcome!
*23/11/2020 - New offers! - Moroccan Super Pollen hash and New Crystal Meth offer with new delivery method. Please check the Products listing and welcome!
*7/11/2020 - New offer! - Moroccan OG Kush double sift hash with tracked shipping from Paris.
*13/10/2020 - N3 is back in stock!
*18/09/2020 - Brown sugar restocked! New batch, Iranian Brown Sugar heroin.
*4/05/2020 - New LSD is in stock! Check the products list. Stay safe.
*18/02/2020 - Ketamine is IN STOCK!

*11/07/2019 - New offers - Crystal Meth, Cocaine are now available for bulk purchase with tracked shipping. Check out bottom of products list.
*23/06/2019 - Black Tar and N3 - NEW STOCK! Warning - very strong stuff!
P34 hash - OUT OF STOCK. Kush cream hash - NEW PRODUCT - IN STOCK.

*8/06/2019 - Cocaine is IN STOCK! + Dead drops with coke ARE available in Paris area.
***/04/2019 - New users with reading problems:
Send less - and your order WILL be cancelled and potentially lost!

*30/01/2019 - *NEW STOCK* Crystal MDMA *LOWER PRICE*!

*14/08/2017 - NO PASSWORD RESETS. That'll make you think twice about what you are doing on darknet. Recently there's a rise in number of password reset requests. We are treating it as attempt of LE to get YOUR DATA. Remember your password!
*20/07/2017 - Hansa *update*, RAIDED BY LE, so bye bye Hansa. We are alive and well, welcome!
*13/07/2017 - AlphaBay *update*, RAIDED BY LE, so bye bye Alpha.
*8/03/2017 - ATTN! Looks like SIGAINT email provider is down for good. While we are working to get a new secure email account, please use messaging on the site or markets. Thanks!

Please, verify the address in address bar - you know our addresses - seen a clone fishing sites already! (e.g. abyss dyh5kaskqql opvszauhu4t buxeni3sekqe etcetcetc) It will grab your password if you are to enter it there - security concern!
There is a new javascript code running on our site, that checks if you are being phished - enable javascript to allow it to perform check. If you don't see anything - it means you are NOT being phished. If you ARE seeing the banner, saying 'DANGER!' - that means you are accessing rogue address/clone. Follow the instructions in that banner!
If you do not see anything while browsing the site - you then can disable javascript again.


NEW - We are looking for wholesalers! BIG discounts, credit, approval of FRC. Please PM us on site to get a deal going!
NEW - Nous sommes a la recherche de distributeurs grossistes! Bonne discount, credit, la tout approuve par la FRC. Merci de nous contacter sur notre site pour commencer le deal!


Must Read Directions:
-Disable JavaScript for your own safety!
-Log-in or create a new account and password.
-Place any store order and then checkout.
-PGP your clearly written address with:
City, Postcode
Country (We DO NOT ship to US!)

in the comments section and then click review order.
Note: Do not post your PGP public key here, this is not needed, just your PGP message!
-Confirm that your information is correct and then click submit order.
-Send the "BTC Amount" to the wallet address provided on the final page.
-Once the BTC Amount is received, and your shipping address is confirmed, your order will be shipped out. Please allow up to 6 hours for payment confirmation.
-You have 24 hours to pay. After that period unpaid orders are cancelled automatically!

Why use the The French Connection?
-Over 20000 successful sales from a vendor that you can trust.
-Eliminate the middleman DNMs and save your money!
-Keep control over your bitcoins until you are ready to buy! No unsafe third party wallets/'escrow'/exit scams.
-Great alternative source to have in case of DNM downtime.

Need Customer Support?
Message us using the Messages->Write a new message-> TO: support.
The service username is 'support' (without quotes)! You will only be allowed to send your message to this user (and communicate afterwards).
Please use PGP for your protection!
Send a message on BlackBank, Alphabay, and other DNMs.
Please use PGP for your protection!

Please include your order number if you have a pending order!
We usually reply within 24hrs. Please use PGP for your protection!